BITCOIN Cycle Phases in a very demonstrative way!

post, we are looking into Cyclical phase and demonstrate them in a way like you’ve never seen before!

Each Cycle consists of the Bear (red), Transition (blue) and Bull (green) Phases. The Bear Phase ends at the bottom of the Cycle, where the Transition starts and typically after the price breaks above the 0.786 Fibonacci retracement level, the Bull Phase starts.

At the moment BTC is above the 1W MA50 (blue trend-line), has already started its Transition Phase and is expected to stay within it, until the 0.786 Fib breaks. Technically this may not happen before the next Halving (4), which due on May 2024. If it breaks earlier, expect the next Bull Phase (which is usually the most aggressive/ parabolic part of the Cycle) to start earlier.

Do you like this Cycle representation? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

P.S. The Cycles and trend-lines may get distorted and displaced based on your screen display. Adjust the axis accordingly to view the image as it is shown outside the idea.

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