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We are a trusted professional financial analysis company providing traders and investors with real-time trading signals and market analysis. Our expert team of analysts monitor all financial markets and major trade-able asset classes in order to construct stable hedged portfolios with high return/ low risk.

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Our services

We offer a variety of services that cover all the needs of any investor/ trader type:


* Account management *

(Direct live trading of the client’s account 24/7, +20% monthly profit, drawdown per client’s needs). Tradingshot’s specialists do all the work for you, we open/ close the trades for you, the client doesn’t need to do anything).

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* One-on-one Consulting service *

(Includes making daily analyses and charts tailored to the client’s preferences in terms of instruments (forex, crypto, stocks, indices, commodities etc), sent directly to the client via email. This is basically the most suitable service for those who want their custom-made detailed newsletter on the outlook of the market, delivered to them with in-depth market on the trading assets they want with clear buy and sell levels. Every action is explained, a case is made with reasons behind every trade, this is a great service for those who want to be profitable while at the same time learn.)

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* Trading signals *

(Entry/ TP / SL signals provided on the ‘Signals section’ here on our website. Clients check for updates and enter the trades themselves.)

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* Wealth management *

(Steady portfolio building with stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, fine art that is appreciated on a monthly basis. This is an excellent service made by Tradingshot’s investment specialist for wealthy clients that don’t just want to preserve their wealth against inflation but at the same time build the basis for a +10% annual return on the lowest risk possible. This is basically a service that the high profile investment banks offer at the 1/100 of the price.)

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* x100 Crypto Gems *

(This service is for crypto traders/ investors who either already have or want to build a porfolio from scratch consisting of the crypto coins/ tokens that offer the greatest long-term profit potential.

We look and list coins of up to x100 return. Within the week we can make adaptations or exits and enter news coins if we see higher potential on those. The goal is to have on the aggregate long term returns that far exceed the market average. Investing even on one x100 crypto gem can be life changing.)

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Why Choose TradingShot?

Research & Analysis

Expert analysis on trends and news that generate real time trading opportunities. Unique point of view from a variety of expert analysts in their field. Diverse technical approach.

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Experienced Professionals

In-depth analysis by a global team of market researchers with 20+ years of experience on the field.

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Market coverage

Top class coverage of multiple markets (forex, stocks, options, cryptocurrencies) for diversified trading of the highest level. Global event coverage of economic data points, monetary policies and other international events.

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