Account management

Account management


The account management is a service provided by Tradingshot specialists which perform live trading on the client’s trading account. The goal is +20% monthly profit with a 30% drawdown that can be of course adjusted and modified based on the preferences of each client.

This service is suitable for people who have daily jobs or own businesses and don’t have the necessary time available to day trade or they simply want to entrust their capital a professional who can consistently make profit for them.

With this service you won’t need to do anything yourself, Tradingshot’s manager will monitor the markets daily, choose the instruments that offer trading opportunities with the highest probability of success, carefully open and close the trades for you and apply the appropriate risk management.

We trade all the markets, any asset that offers a high probability trading pattern either on the short or long-term. The markets we monitor include among others: forex pairs, cryptocurrency pairs, stock indices, commodities (metals, energy), stocks. Of course this can be adjusted to the client’s needs e.g. if you want to trade only crypto or only short-term (intra-day etc).

In order for you to qualify for the Account Management service, you need to have a trading account of at least 10,000 USD. For reference, with a 10,000 USD account and a monthly target profit of 20% you can expect a gross 2,000 USD profit. Our comission for the service is 33.3% on monthly profits. For example, on the 2,000 USD monthly profit mentioned above, our comission will be 666 USD (33.3%) and your net monthly profit will be 1333 USD.

Our commission profit based, meaning that it is only paid when there is profit. If we don’t have profit one month, then the client doesn’t pay any fees at all, and instead we will wait until the loss is recovered in the following month and end up with more capital than the last profitable month, in order to claim the 33.3% fee again. For example: We start with 10,000 USD. At the end of month_1 we manage a closing balance of 13,000 USD. That is +3,000 USD in profit. Subtracting our 33.3% fee (-1,000 USD) will leave the total account balance with 12,000 USD at the start of month_2. Then, if at the end of month_2 we have a closing balance of 11,000 USD, i.e. -1,000 USD loss, no fees occur and in order for those to re-occur the account should end up in month_3 higher than the closing of the previous month i.e. +12,000 USD.

We don’t work with an API as with certain brokers issues can often arise such as bad calibrations and trades can be missed (either fail to be entered or exited). We trade directly from my client’s trading account. This is because we want our clients to have full control of their capital and be responsible for deposits/ withdrawals while we do the trading. This way you can always monitor the whole process and intervene whenever you feel like. Security is of the utmost importance for us, so no Tradingshot representative will ever request/ ask for any money /capital from you other than the comission at the end of each (profitable) month.

We can trade on any broket/ exchange as we are familiar with most of the platforms in the market.


The Account management service doesn’t have a starting fee you need to pay up-front. As mentioned it is purely profit based oriented on results. So if you want to sign up contact us at on Telegram at or by email at to get you started!