Wealth management

Wealth management


Whether you are an individual or represent a company, Tradingshot’s Wealth Management service is suitable for those who want to preserve their wealth and see it outperform inflationary pressures and other market dynamics throughout the years.

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed first hand how the soaring inflation with historically high prices put enormous pressure on households and businesses alike, crushing their purchasing power as the prices of commodities and services skyrocketed.

The Wealth Management service effectively addresses this issue for you among others. With the markets moving faster than ever, so do liabilities, and prioritising may become an issue. We can help you manage risks, identify and take advantage of investment opportunities. The focus of our service is identifying and understanding your priorities and based on them formulate an efficient wealth plan for the future.


Objective 1 Identifying your values and objectives

The first step is to try to understand you. We look at your financial situation, which helps us understand the risk you’re able to take. We look at your financial goals, which define the returns you require. We look at your financial personality, which dictates the risk you’re willing to take. And finally, we look at your values and interests, which reveal the type of investments and opportunities you may wish to consider. Taking these points into account, we ask five questions to guide us in finding the right investment strategy for you:

– What do you want to accomplish in your life?
– Who are the people that matter most to you?
– What do you want your legacy to be?
– What are your main concerns?
– How do you plan to achieve your life’s vision?

Based on all these questions, we will formulate the suitable action plan for you.


Step 2 Building your financial plan

The second step is to turn your goals into a plan. Our Liquidity. Longevity. Legacy. planning approach is a systematic way of making your goals more tangible and identifying the investment strategies you should consider. A Liquidity strategy is designed to fund expenditures and meet liabilities for the next two to five years. A Longevity strategy helps you meet your financial goals for the remainder of your lifetime. And a Legacy strategy is for assets in excess of what you need to meet your lifetime objectives.


Step 3 Choosing an investment strategy

The third step is to set you up with an investment strategy that will help you achieve your financial goals and stick to your plan. Our standard global strategic asset allocation—designed for investors who seek a balanced approach to protecting and growing their wealth over time—aims to efficiently generate returns for a target level of risk over the course of an economic cycle. It benefits from diversification across regions, and invests in traditional liquid asset classes such as bonds and equities, as well as alternative asset classes like hedge funds. But we also have other strategies depending on investor goals and preferences:

– Global strategic asset allocation
– Ultra high net worth/ institutional style
– Systematic allocation
– Sustainable investing
– Equity model portfolios
– Yiled-focused


Wealth management
$ 9999 /3years