About TradingShot

TradingShot is a trading signals provider that succeeds at guiding traders and investors towards profitability in the financial markets while educating along the way. We believe that investing in knowledge pays the best dividends.

Our mission is to offer sustainable profits through a well researched framework of technical and fundamental analysis. We have over 20 years of experience in financial markets , successfully trading stocks, commodities, forex and during the past 3 years, cryptocurrencies.

Our platform is designed to provide our members early buy/ sell signals, with a carefully calculated risk factor. We work 24/7 to discovers the best possible trading patterns with the highest success rate. We only trade opportunities that arise from predetermined patterns that meet our formula factors.

You don’t have to be a market expert or a great technician to make successful trades. Tradingshot’s team of experts can handle this part for you. With our top class signals provider, you simply need to react on time when getting the information and quickly see your account grow.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You are suffering loss after loss and can’t seem to get it right!
  • You always seem to get out of a trade just before it takes off!
  • You always seem to just get in to a trade and it goes the other way!
  • Even when you get into profit, you get out and it continues moving!
  • You always seem to get stopped out!
  • You always seem to take one step forward and then 2 steps back!
  • You’ve blown through several accounts.
  • You can’t seem to ever consistently make money.
  • You see the trade but just can’t seem to “pull the trigger”.

And the list just keeps going on and on! There are so many reasons for losing in trading but it seems like the answers to becoming profitable are just within reach! This is the “trader’s trap” that most traders keep falling in to! Overcome those obstacles with TradingShot!

Successful Methodology

How you benefit from us:

  • Real-time trading signals – not delayed. No pre-set release time, so you can get the best entry price possible.
  • Not a “copy & trade” service – Our aim is to help you learn to trade. Not trade for you.
  • Team trading mindset – You are not trading alone. You are trading with a team of like-minded traders who can lend support to you as you trade.
  • Simple and easy to understand Analysis – You get the most up-to-date analysis on the trades, easy for anyone to understand as well as upcoming potential trades so you can learn from them and prepare yourself for the event when it happens.

Guidance you need

  • Easy-to-read Trades
    Every single trade we publish can be easily read by any level trader
  • Attention to Detail.
    We take attention to detail as our top priority. Accurate targets, resistance points and safe stop loss exit areas are crucial for traders in our community.