S&P500 Cyclical buy signal starting next month

This analysis is basically an extension of the study we published last week, explaining how the index is starting an aggressive expansion:

S&P500 starting an expansion the likes of which we've never seen

Based purely on the 3W time-frame, now we have incorporated the Sine Waves to clearly display the cyclical buy/ sell pattern inside the long-term Channel Up that started at the bottom of the Housing Crisis (March 2009).

As this shows, for the past 10 years, the bottom of the Cycles is where investors should consider to start buying, while the top is where they should consider to start selling. The last sell signal was given on October 25 2021 and the next buy signal will be flashed on May 30 (2023).

With the index trading around the 3W MA50 (blue trend-line) since it rebounded off the market bottom (October 2022), this price action may imply that the market is in anticipation of the big move. This cyclical buy signal may just be the trigger it needs.

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