BITCOIN being pumped after China bonds macro cycle bottom

It is not the first time we look into how the Chinese bonds (with our unique CN02Y/CN20Y ratio displayed by the green trend-line) affect Bitcoin’s (BTCUSD) Cycles:

BITCOIN, Yuan and China bond yields point to rally ahead!

It is however the first time we add stocks (S&P500 with the blue trend-line) in the mix. We can see the Cyclical behavior of the bond yields ratio as illustrated by the Sine Waves. Every time it bottoms, BTC and stocks bottom as well and start a cyclical rally. Additionally, you can see how the ratio has been on a Channel Down for the past 10 years, supporting the bullish expansion on both Bitcoin and the stock market.

Since the bond yields ratio is already rallying hard with BTC/ stocks following, do you think that this is just the beginning? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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