BITCOIN Is 300k the true potential of this Cycle?

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) isn’t backing down, withstanding to perfection so far any noise in the stock market, a development that establishes that its new Bull Cycle is well underway. Having broken above the 1W MA50 (blue trend-line) and what will most likely be the 4th straight weekly closing above it, we can see that it is testing (and so far struggling to break) the key former Support of the Bear Cycle (Fibonacci 1.0).

The previous Cycle made an aggressive rally to the 2.0 Fib extension after it broke above the Bear Cycle’s Support (Fib 1.0) and peaked 28 weeks after the bottom. In an amazing act of symmetry, we see that these last two Bear Cycles lasted for 52 weeks each. Since so far the moves are proportional, we cannot easily dismiss the probability of this ‘1st Rally Phase’ being also 28 weeks and reaching as high as the 2.0 Fib, which is a little over $53k.

Beyond this, a year of basically ranged trading wouldn’t be unrealistic, until the Halving 4 event (which is programmed for March 2024) that will inflict a huge supply shock and as it did in May 2020, initiate the final, mega parabolic rally of the Bull Cycle. That part of the previous Cycle, from the time BTC reached the 0.2 Fib until its November 2021 peak, lasted 124 weeks. The peak was achieved a little under the 5.0 Fibonacci extension.

A repeat of makes $300000 by October 2025 a plausible target. Does this reveal Bitcoin’s true potential for this Cycle?

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