S&P500 Buy without fear. Bull not over until 2030.

This is not the first time we look into the S&P500 (SPX) from a multi-decade perspective. Every time we look into the Cycles since the Great Depression we bring an additional element to the table. This time we break down parts of those Cycles even more and look into the RSI as well. This analysis will attempt to shed light into the doubt of, perhaps the majority of the market, whether or not stocks are out of the 2022 correction.

** Bear and Bull Cycles **
As you see since 2029 and the Great Depression, the index has formed three Bear and three Bull Cycles. We are currently on Bull Cycle 3. When the price breaks above the Bear Cycle Top, the Phase 1 of the Bull Cycle starts and has historically lasted 85-89 months (ends with the first major correction). Phase 2 (orange Rectangle) which starts straight after and ends on the second major correction, lasts within 31 – 35 months. Phase 2 typically ends around the middle of the Bull Cycle.

** The RSI recurring patterns **
Besides the above Cyclical symmetry, the 1M RSI has been extremely consistent throughout these Cycles. As shown, the Bear Cycle Bottom breaks well below the 30.00 barrier and touches 20.00 (extremely oversold conditions). The Bull Phases 1 and 2 are formed while the RSI is on Lower Lows.

** Conclusion **
From the above characteristics and parameters, we can easily draw the conclusion that the 2022 correction was Phase 2 of the Bull Cycle and we won’t be seeing its bottom in a very long time. More specifically not before 2031, as Bull Cycles 1 and 2 formed their Tops a little after Fibonacci 2.5 time extension. On Bull Cycle 3 (current) this is on January 2031.

This is in our opinion the ultimate S&P500 cheat-sheet and the reason you may invest with no fear. What do you think?

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