BITCOIN The party has started and has another 33 months left!

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) gives us a very clear picture with regards to its long-term Cycles on the 1M (monthly) time-frame. As you see, once the 1M RSI hit the bottom (Lower Lows trend-line) of its 10 year Channel Down, BTC bottomed and the new Bull Cycle started.

This Bull Cycle should last for approximately 35 months (1065 days) as this was roughly the duration of the previous two Cycles. Even the Bear Cycles are on almost perfect symmetry as the last three lasted for around 13 months (396 days).

We have also plotted the patterns of the last two Bull Cycles on the current one in order to give an average projection. If the top hit somewhere within Multiple 6 and 7 (Fib MAs), then we can see $150k.

So what do you think about this Cycle symmetry? Has the Bull party just started and has another 33 months to it? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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