S&P500 is accumulating for a 2 year rally to 5700.

We have showed you this multi-year Channel Up on the S&P500 index (SPX) before. We have shown you the Lower Lows Support of the 2M RSI that has caught all major bottoms since 2016. What this chart shows is that the index has bottomed on the Channel’s Higher Lows (a 13 year trend-line) and is basically on an accumulation phase before the new rally begins.

The previous 2 rallies of the 2011 and 2016 bottoms hit the top of the Channel in about 2 years. That gives a roughy 5700 target by the end of 2024. If it follows the more aggressive COVID recover rout (March 2020 and after) that hit the 1.5 Fibonacci extension, we may hit 6250 by the Summer of 2024.

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