BITCOIN This is the Bullish Cross that will take it to $33k

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) just made a hugely important and unique Bullish Cross on its LMACD. Those who follow us regularly over the years, know that we like looking into assets (and Bitcoin in particular) from different time-frames that provide a more spherical overview of the market and the direction. This time we analyze the 15D chart as it just formed a Bullish Cross on its LMACD indicator.

This is a very rare pattern which below the 0.00 (LMACD) level has always formed straight after a Bear Cycle Bottom. Even during Bitcoin’s first Cycle (2011/12) and the March 2020 COVID crash, the Bullish Cross was formed marginally above the 0.00 level.

Now the 1W MA50 (red trend-line) comes into the spotlight, as it is the Resistance to beat. Every 1W MA50 break following a 15D LMACD Bullish Cross, hit at least the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement level in a maximum of two weeks. We can make a case about the 0.618 Fib as well, which failed to get hit only marginally on October 28 2015.

As a result, with the 1W MA50 currently at 25615, we can expect another sharp 2-4 week rally once BTC breaks it, that will target at least the 0.5 Fib at $32900 with a riskier extension being the 0.618 Fib at $38900.

What do you think? Has this 15D LMACD Bullish Cross shaken your last bearish bias and if so, will you buy the 1W MA50 break-out confirmation? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below!

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