FTSE going to beat major indices and close the year in gains?

The FTSE100 index (FTSE100) has resumed its bullish trend since the October 13 bottom after hitting both the 1D MA50 (blue trend-line) and 1D MA200 (orange trend-line) on December 20. In fact, against all odds during this inflation crisis and in contrast to its heavy stock index counterparts, it is about to close the year in gains (if it stays above the 7420 level this week).

Practically, the index has been within a huge Rectangle pattern in 2022, ranging within 7700 and 6710. If that’s not impressive enough, it just completed a Golden Cross on the 1D time-frame (when the 1D MA50 crosses above the 1D MA200), which is technically a bullish formation. Last time we saw this pattern was on December 02 2020, as the index was recovering from the COVID crash globally. The price made a Low exactly at the time of the Golden Cross and started a very sustainable rise pattern.

What adds more weight to a bullish continuation, is the fact that the RSI on the 1W time-frame tested and held the former Lower Highs trend-line that was in effect through the majority of 2022.

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