XAUUSD Still bullish inside the 1 month Channel Up


Gold (XAUUSD) managed to break again today above the 4H MA50 (red trend-line), recovering yesterday’s early session drop and that keeps it on bullish track, at least for the short-term as the Channel Up that started a month ago (On the November 15 High) remains intact.

In fact it seems to be replicating the previous Higher Low formation below the 4H MA50. From an RSI perspective, see how well it rebounded on the Triangle’s bottom (even though it marginally broke it). Keep an eye on the upper Lower Highs trend-lines, for levels were profit can be booked if you are trading this on the short-term. On the medium-term as long as the 4H MA200 holds (green trend-line), the next Higher High can be a little lower than the 0.5 Fibonacci (1840).

A break below the 4H MA200 though, turns the medium-term trend bearish, targeting the 1D MA50 (blue trend-line), which is the long-term Support during uptrends and is where we are waiting for a long-term buy entry.

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