DOW JONES ready to rally! Inflation peaked on a 100 year line!


The Dow Jones index (DJI) has been on an enormous rise since late September that even made a Higher High above the 2022 descending Resistance. With inflation being the main catalyst of this 2022 correction, it should come as no surprise that when it normalizes, the index can start seeing growth again.

Well on July the Inflation Rate (USIRYY) got rejected on its most important Resistance level, the Lower Highs trend-line that has been in place since May 1920! This 100 year old trend-line has had another 2 rejections on inflationary peaks (February 1947 and March 1980).

As this chart shows, every inflation drop from a Lower Highs peak was followed by a multi-year rally on Dow Jones, essentially a new expansion period. An exception parhaps was May 1920 when DJI continued to fall for another year, despite a massive correction on Inflation.

As a result, if this Inflation rejection is sustainable and is the start of a major correction, it is more likely to see the stock market rally and enter a new period of growth.

What do you think?

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