BITCOIN The Golden 51%-49% Ratio is back! Is this the next top?


After the interest that the revised version of my Logarithmic Channel model attracted, I thought I’d extend it by adding a few more elements, most notable of which Tradingshot’s very own Golden 51%-49% Ratio!

BITCOIN The Golden 51%-49% Ratio! 600 days of Bull Market left!

Basically I’ve been asked continuously to make an update on that legendary chart, so here is an extension, though I promise I will also make an update with the original minimal pattern.
For those who don’t know how this Ratio works, it basically suggests that on each Cycle, the phase from the Bottom to the Halving is 51% of the whole Bull Cycle while the rest (Halving to Top) consists the 49%. Practically it claims that the Halving is roughly at the middle of each Bull Cycle.

As the Logarithmic Growth Channel suggest that November 2022 was the absolute bottom of the 2022 Bear Cycle, we can now use the next Halving (number 4) and apply the 51%-49% Golden Ratio. Halving 4 is projected to be on May 26 2024 and based on the Ratio that puts the High of Cycle 5 near the end of November 2025. On every Cycle, once the Bear Cycle Lower Highs trend-line broke, BTC started officially the Rise, which after the Halving turns parabolic.

Do you think a $200k Bitcoin realistic during Cycle 5 based on the combination of this two patterns? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below!

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