WALMART may be approaching the end of this rally


Walmart Inc. (WMT) has been rising since the low of the June 13 2022 weekly (1W) candle. Along the way it broke above the key Resistance of the 1W MA50 (blue trend-line) and after it held the 1W MA200 (orange trend-line), it has established both as Support levels long-term.

There are however two longer term patterns to consider that supersede those MA periods, and those are the Megaphone pattern since November 2020 and the Higher Lows trend-line/ Zone since November 09 2015.

As the 1W RSI enters the Resistance zone that is holding since 2016 and only broke once, we have to start considering that the top is near especially as the price is approaching the Higher Lows zone of the Megaphone. As you see since 2016, every major test of the 1W RSI Resistance Zone hit at least the 1W MA50. This suggests that if you bought Walmart a few weeks back, you may start looking to book profits and re-buy lower either on the 1W MA50 or even a little lower, the closer to the Higher Lows trend-line, the better.

If the price breaks first above the Megaphone’s top (Higher Highs trend-line), it is an instant buy and a new bullish pattern will emerge.

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