USDSEK On the most critical 7-year Resistance


The USDSEK pair has been rising parabolically all year due to the well-known fundamental reasons empowering the USD amidst the high inflation. The price has finally reached though a technical level that we have to consider as it has been forming long-term tops over the past 7 years.

As you see on this 1W chart, the Resistance we are referring to is the Higher Highs trend-line that started after the April 13 2015 High. Every Higher High after that, was formed on every +0.5 Fibonacci extension (1.5, 2.5) and two weeks ago, the 3.5 Fib was reached and strongly rejected the price, again exactly on the Higher Highs trend-line.

However since last week, the price resumed the uptrend and is again about to test that strong Resistance cluster. As long as it closes below, it remains a good long-term sell opportunity. If fundamentals continue to have their way though, then this 7 pattern will be invalidated and buying will remain the only option, in which case the 4.5 Fib will be our target.

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