DOW JONES Oversold but that alone not enough for a buy


The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI)broke and closed last week below its 1W MA200 (red trend-line), for the first time since the week of May 11 2020, a very bearish sign on its own. Based on what the index did on May 09 2022 after breaking the previou Support (Double Bottom), the price now targets the -0.236 and -0.5 Fibonacci extensions on the medium-term.

Being however oversold with the 1D RSI hitting 24.85 yesterday for the first time since the COVID crash (March 12 2020), there is an equal probability of a short-term rebound or even a medium-term one if this is a temporary bottom like June 17. With signals on the higher and lower time-frames being mixed, the oversold RSI state isn’t enough on its own to take the buy. It would be best to do so after a confirmation pattern.

The two strongest confirmation signals at the moment are:

1) When the 1D MACD makes a Bullish Cross, which since December 07 2021 always delivered a short-term rally.

2) A closing above the 0.618 Fibonacci level (now at 31357).

If you take those buys, you will have some ground behind them. Otherwise the are within the 0.618 and yesterday’s lows gives a mixed sentiment. Below yesterday’s lows, most likely we will see further strong selling, initially targeting the -0.236, as mentioned, at 28230.

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