BITCOIN Do we have a clear recovery pattern based on pastCycles?


Just as we are waiting for today’s Fed Rate Decision, Bitcoin (BTCUSD) remains low, in fact it is the closest it has been to June’s Low with the 1W MA300 (bold red trend-line) approaching from below. Is this the last selling before a bottom is formed. One way to look at it is by analyzing Bitcoin’s past Bear Cycles. On this analysis we will compare the structure of the current (2021/22) Cycle to the previous two, 2018/19 and 2014/15.

Let’s look at the similarities:

* All patterns have hit the 1.5 – 1.618 Fibonacci Zone following their most aggressive sell-off of the Cycle. The 2018/19 Cycle recovered after making a 2nd low and pull-back on a W-shaped pattern, while the 2014/15 had two pull-backs on an M-shaped recovery.

* No (weekly) candle closed below the 1W MA300.

* All RSI sequences formed a Falling Wedge pattern and when it broke to the upside (for 2018/19 and 2014/15), it signaled the start of the new Bull Cycle. For 2021/22, it broke upwards this month.

* The 2018/19 and 2014/15 MACD sequences formed the final Bullish Cross (green arrow) after bouncing on the -0.20 level, which is where the MACD is currently at.
Also their red histograms where on an Ascending (Higher Lows) pattern. The first green bars after that, signaled the start of the Bull Cycle.

As you may have noticed, we are using the Fibonacci MAs on these charts, painting a fairly clear picture of the steps the price took within the Cycles. So far, BTC’s current Cycle is extremely consistent with the past two, especially with the 2014/15 one. If yet another Cycle gets completed by repeating this, then we are either at the very low and the start of a rally is imminent on a W-shaped recovery, or we will bounce once more and pull-back to test the 1W MA300 towards the end of the year, before starting the new Bull, on an M-shaped recovery.

Which of the two do you think is going to be? Or do you expect to close below the 1W MA300 and invalidate this historic model? Feel free to share your work and let me know in the comments section below!

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