DAX broke above the 1D MA100. Important Lower High test.


The German Index DAX (FDAX) is attempting today a 1D candle closing above the 1D MA100 (green trend-line) and if successful it will be the first since June 07. Despite the bullish short-term action, this is not the time to double down on buying as the January 05 Lower Highs trend-line (1) is right above, providing Resistance. On top of that, the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement level is at 13855.

Only a break above the LH (1) can justify further buying, targeting the 1D MA200 (orange trend-line) and the 0.5 Fib. Until then, it is likely to see a rejection and short-term pull-back to test the 1D MA50 (blue trend-line) as Support. Note that if the index breaks above the 1W MA50 (red trend-line), we can claim that the trend will turn bullish on the long-term.

A strong sign that we may be turning bullish on the long-term is the fact that the RSI on the 1W time-frame is on Higher Highs since March 21 with the price rebounding after the Double Bottom. We saw the exact opposite formations right before the 2022 correction started. Price formed a Double Top while the 1W RSI was on Lower Highs.

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