NASDAQ preparing a mid-March rebound with eyes on the 1W MA200


Our last analysis on Nasdaq (NDX) 10 days ago, came with a warning that as long as the 1D MA100 (green trend-line) and the Lower Highs trend-line of the long-term Channel Down held, the trend was bearish towards the 11500 Support:

NASDAQ Sideways but still off the top of the Channel Down

As you see the 11500 target was eventually hit, and with the Fed making an interest rate raise yesterday of 0.75% (the biggest hike since 1994), the index eyes the 1W MA200 (red trend-line) for the first time since August 2010, as more and more market participants call for a recession.

However, as long as the 1W MA200 holds, we have to go with the pattern in hand, i.e. the Channel Down which calls for a short-term rebound above the 1D MA50 (blue trend-line) and on the 1D MA100 to form a new Lower High. Target range: 13000 – 13400.

A 1W candle closing below the 1W MA200 should be enough to kick-start a sharp fall to the 1W MA300 (yellow line, scroll the chart downwards to see).

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