WTI OIL had the biggest weekly rise since May 31 2020!


WTI Crude Oil posted last week the strongest 1W candle (+10.30%) since May 31 2020 (+11.44%). What can this possibly mean for future prices? Alone nothing. But as you see, last week’s bounce came after a 1W RSI touch on the 43.50 Support which has been holding since May 2020 as well. That makes the bullish case stronger but based on the September – October 2020 fractal (right before the U.S. elections) we may see one last pull-back before a new rally. As seen on the chart, that pull-back may find Support on the 1W MA50 (blue trend-line). As long as this holds, the trend will remain bullish, so for a swing trader, the best course of action would be to scale with a buy now and if the price pulls back, add another closer to the 1W MA50.

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