NWCUSDT You were warned about $1.00. Still not too late to buy!

The NewsCrypto coin is doing it again. On April 03 I’ve mentioned $1.00 as the short-term target and yesterday’s candle delivered it, which shifts my attention to the next target $2.00, as per my most recent NWC analysis:

NWCUSDT is closer than ever to $2.00!

At the moment I even see a more aggressive pattern which may exceed this target level, but I prefer to take it on a medium-term approach and break it down on a monthly basis. The fundamentals are growing wildly positive on a weekly basis and the recent news couldn’t have been better. But as per my usual analysis, let’s break it down to the technical and fundamental side.

** Technical Analysis **
As you see on the chart, the Divergence on the MACD worked to NWC’s favor as it happened in August 2020. Whether the MACD spike that followed then will be as aggressive now, that remains to be seen. But based on the Fibonacci extension following the first Higher Low on the Channel, my $2.00 target is below the 6.0 Fib extension. On Fibonacci Channel terms it can go even higher, doubling the projected target level, but like I said, we will have time to revise upwards in the near future.

** Fundamental Analysis **
The technological advancements continue for NewsCypto. Apart from the AI Sentiment Price Prediction tool (will use machine learning to predict price movements based on sentiment scores across all media channels), last week the proprietary Strategy Design tool was announced. It will bring state of the art trading algorithms to everyone, and all that without needing to write a single line of code.

In short, the motto is ”Financial algorithms for financial freedom”!

Like I mention on the title, despite its considerable growth lately, the sky is the limit on NWCUSDT and it is not too late to buy! Don’t miss this opportunity!

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