NWCUSDT is closer than ever to $2.00!


A combination of fractal behavior and excellent fundamental news, can finally catapult my NewsCrypto gem to $2.00. Let’s break this down:

** Technical Analysis **
As per my previous analyses, the current bullish leg on NWC is repeating methodically the July-August 2020 bullish sequence. A simple fractal comparison shows that we are currently on the spot where the three MA periods are diverging (MA50, MA100, MA200) on the 1D time-frame and last time that took the price from a steady Channel Up (red shape) to a hyper aggressive rise. Assuming the overall pattern is a Channel Up (blue) then the price can meet the Higher Highs trend-line anywhere within 1.5 and 2.0!

** Fundamental Analysis **
A news catalyst is required for such a break-out. And what better news can we have than the NewsCrypto partnership with Travala! Just a few hours ago it was announced that their new partner will be adding NWC as a payment option for 3M + Hotels, Activities and Flights! What a great break-through that is in the adoption process not just for NWC but for the crypto community as a whole!

Next stop is $2.00. Are you with me on this +150% profit potential? Don’t miss it!

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