NWCUSDT getting ready for the pump of the month to $1.00!


Frankly, based on the fractal analysis you see on the charts, $1.00 may be a conservative target for the NewsCrypto Coin. But it is a monumental one based on market psychology that is why I’ve benchmarked this on the short-term. But we also had great fundamental news two days ago, so let’s break down the TA and FA.

** Technical Analysis **
As you see I focus on the Channel Up that started on March 13 after the consolidation ended and compare it with the Channel Up of July/ August 2020. The two fractals are fairly similar as on both occasions a Divergence on the LMACD (was on Lower Highs while the price was on Higher Highs) fueled the uptrend. At the same time, the 4H MA50 (blue trend-line) and 4H MA100 (green trend-line) was the Support Zone. In fact, when NWC touched the 4H MA100, the price got catapulted from 0.060 to 0.1900 and had one last peak to 0.2800 before the uptrend broke down.

At the moment, the price hasn’t made contact with the 4H MA100 yet, and it is the 4H MA50 that is providing Support since March 12. This means that if the same pattern is repeated, the downside is very limited (to the 4H MA100) and we may soon get a very aggressive pump. Notice that as long as the 4H MA200 (orange trend-line) was intact, the uptrend was sustained in 2020.

** Fundamental Analysis **
Fundamentally, we couldn’t have had better news for NWC this week. Just two days ago, the NewsCrypto app V2.0 was released and brought arguably much hype to the community. It can track the market with charts, alerts and widgets, offers you the opportunity to earn crypto with games and price predictions. Literally there is no need for multiple apps as we were used to.

At the same time, the company lives up to the “Be your won bank with NewsCrypto” moto, as in my opinion they continue to build the most user-centric and frictionless DeFi platform ever, aiming at the 1) Highest interest rate for savings, 2) Lowest fees, 3) No minimum investment level 4) Fastest settlement.

Such commitment doesn’t go unnoticed by the crypto community and is the biggest reason why I’ve set a $1.00 target for the short-term and $2.50 on the longer-term.

Do not miss this potential for huge profits! The pump is right around the corner!

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