WTI OIL Testing the monthly MA50 for the first time since Feb


Attention is needed now for WTI Crude Oil traders as the asset has made contact with the 1M MA50. That is the first touch on that trend-line since February 2020, right before the massive March COVID melt-down.

Last time this level was tested as a Resistance, recovering from a similar melt-down, was in December 2017. The price easily broke above it on the next candle and made a top on the -0.382 Fibonacci extension.

Before that, the previous 1M MA50 test as a Resistance, was in June 2009. It failed to close the monthly candle above it and pulled back to the 0.382 Fibonnaci retracement level. Then a few months later, it closed its first candle above it (October 2009) and as in 2018, it peaked just below the -0.382 Fib extension.

What could this mean for oil traders? Well unless we close one 1M candle above the MA50 (53.00), then it is more likely to get a pull back to the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement level (40.00) before the price peaks on the -0.382 extension (65.00).

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