Can the market rise more during Biden’s Presidency than Trump’s?


This is a simple chart showing the performance of the S&P500 under each President since the Ford administration is 1974.

As you see contrary to popular belief, the stock market in modern times has done (much) better under a Democrat President. Bill Clinton has had the strongest performance with more than +200% in gains from the day he went into the office till the day he left, while George W. Bush the worst and the only negative with -34% in losses.

Also this pattern shows that after every Republican Presidency, the Democrat administration that follows performs (much) better. Carter almost tripled Ford’s performance, Clinton more than tripled George H. W. Bush’s score. Needless to say what Obama did to George W. Bush’s disappointing Presidency.

So in my opinion Wall Street shouldn’t be seeing Trump’s defeat as a setback, but as the start of a Presidency of more stock market gains than Trump’s. History has a tendency to repeat itself. Wouldn’t you agree? Let me know in the comments section!

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