BITCOIN bounced on the 2 year bearish trend-line! Rally ahead?


In my opinion Bitcoin is on important cross-roads. As you see on the current 1D chart, the price just made a technical touch (and is currently rebounding) on the 2+ year bearish trend-line (seen in blue) that has been holding since the end of the previous Bull Cycle (December 2017 All Time High) and which recently broke (July 2020) upwards. Typically such re-tests and bounces on former bearish trend-lines are a strong sign of buyer accumulation.

The perfect and most recent example is seen in late June 2020 when BTC made multiple touches and finally rebounded on the 1 year bearish trend-line (seen in black dashed) that has been holding since the June 2019 High. That re-test and rebound served as a stepping stone and paved the way to the late July rally and break-out above the 2 year bearish trend-line.

Also notice how the RSI (1D time-frame as mentioned) made also a rebound on the multi-year Buy/ Support Zone. This has always been a strong buy indicator on BTCUSD and has only broken two times, 1) during the November/ Dec 2019 Bottom of the Bear Cycle (naturally and was very much expected) and 2) the COVID stock market fueled collapse (unforeseen macro event). Additionally see how the 1D MA200 is supporting since April.

So the question of the current study is obvious. Can this re-test/ rebound on the 2 year trend-line serve as a stepping stone for an even bigger rally? Feel free to share your work and let me know in the comments section!

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