XRPUSD Still another 350 days of accumulation.

Ripple will get its chance to shine. There are few who argue the opposite. In this quick idea though I show why this time is not quite there yet.

I have scaled XRP’s timeline based on Bitcoin’s Cycle from top to bottom. BTC’s bottom of the previous Bear Cycle was mid December 2018 and the Cycle before on early January 2015. XRP’s 2015/ 2016 consolidation/ accumulation phase thus lasted 800 days. If we apply this duration to the current accumulation Cycle, we should be expecting Ripple’s parabolic rise to start around February 2021!

XRPUSD investors need to be patient and their patience will be rewarded. Don’t get scared or over excited by the recent ups and downs. As you see on the chart it is all part of the accumulation process. December’s (2019) 0.17 bottom though has to be respected through the remainder (350 days) of the accumulation phase, as it happened during the 2015/2016 Cycle.

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