BITCOIN What will be the Rate of Return on this bull cycle?

Traders and investors are looking for the highest possible rate of return when trading Bitcoin, especially after a better than expected start in 2019 to the new bull market.

I tried to estimate the expected Rate of Return on the current bull cycle based on BTC’s historical logarithmic curve.

It is easy to realize at first glance that every cycle (market bottom to new All Time High) was roughly -20% from the previous one:

2010/2011: +319000% with new High at 31.91.

2011/2013: +62308.04% with new High at 1241.92. -19.53% from previous cycle.

2015/2017: +12533.11% with new High at 19870.62. -20.11% from previous cycle.

So based on the above rate (-20%) the expected Rate of Return for the 2018/TBD bull cycle will be +2506.60% with a new High at $82600.

What becomes more than clear with this simple analysis is that there is still an extreme level of potential profit to be made (almost 10 times more than the current price level). It is not to late for long term investors to join the new bull market as we have only (!!) covered +262.83% of returns since December’s 3169.53 market bottom.


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