What’s the top for Litecoin? 113 or 180? Is it worth waiting?

Litecoin has continued its crazy rise since the December 2018 bottom and only recently made the Golden Cross (MA200/50) which paved the way for last week’s $98 Top.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you about this super aggressive rise in February when LTC was trading at $49 as seen below:

Now, almost 100% higher it may be a good idea to take profit. There are two scenarios that can play out:

A top at 113.00, which is according to the 2014/15 bear market the spot where the price topped on -36% from the MA200 top.

A top at 180.00, which is the +718% rise from December’s bottom.

In both cases LTCUSD should then pull back around -70% and consolidate for a long period of time before the next bull market.

So long term traders should manage their profit taking accordingly.

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