Bitcoin targets 11000

This pattern shows that BTCUSD is trading on its new long term support zone. Using the Ichimoku Cloud as a prime leading indicator, we can identify key trend signals and many similarities between Bitcoin’s last two bear cycles (2014/15 and 2018/19).

First of all the cloud’s squeeze (October – December 2014 and September – November 2018) was a Sell Signal to the strong decline that led to the 1st cycle’s (2014/15) bottom and what could be the current cycle’s (2018/19) bottom. As the cloud widened in 2015 it gave two Buy Signals, one that signified the bottom and the next that signified the start of the next bull market.
The channel’s support lines show where these pressure points can be found. The resistance line shows where the next target is and that is at 11000 (on a 15 month period). This is the first bullish target of the Distribution Period. The peak of the next bullish market is according to those indicators well above 40000.

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