This is the combo membership of Platinum and x100 Crypto Gems! It offers:

  • Life-time access to both the Platinum and x100 Crypto Gems.

This includes for Platinum:

  • High accuracy buy/ sell signals (take profit, stop loss)
  • Covers a variety of financial asset classes (forex pairs, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stock indices)
  • Real time updates and recommendations if the trend changes and need to adapt accordingly
  • Pattern recognition based on a formula of classic indicators and high-end developed algorithmic software
  • Macro-economic conditions that may affect the signals are taken into account and mentioned

And for the x100 Crypto Gems:

  • High accuracy entry/ exit call on Crypto Coins/ Tokens with up to x100 potential
  • Covers all cryptocurrencies regardless of capitalization
  • Covers ICOs
  • Great option for portfolio building investorts as we are look at the market on a daily basis and adapt quickly to better opportunities. We make changes on our recommended coins and don’t hesitate to exit from one to another with higher potential on a timely manner
  • The selection and recognition of coins is made based on technical as well as fundamental aspects