Exclusive benefits for Tradingshot’s users on Fairdesk

1. 💰Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus up to $100K, if someone sign up via your affilliate link. Outside average user only $35000.


2. 🆓 Freedom

No compulsory KYC and VPN requirements for US and Canada user. People could freedom and anonymous trade.

Especially, recently some old exchanges were sanctioned by the government, so it is a good time for us to take over some of their users. Because Fairdesk is no VPN and KYC is compulsory for Western country users.


3.🍾 VIP account

Sign up via your link will get VIP 1 account, enjoy 5% trading fee discount.

And for users who’s accumulated deposits reached a certain amount will get higher permanent VIP level on fairdesk, this is an exclusive offer for our community

– Accumulated deposit amount > 5,000$ = VIP2 (10% trading fee off)
– Accumulated deposit amount > 20,000$ = VIP3 (15% trading fee off)



4. 🔙 Trading fee rebate

Sign up via your link and trade, all the affiliate trader will get 5% self-trading fee rebate as USDT.

When your affilliate user open order at Fairdesk, the relevant 5% trading fee rebate (USDT) will distribute to their account at second day.