About Fairdesk

📈 125X leverage with various of token here

We maximum provide 125x leverage for user, especially BTC.

Meanwhile, we have many Altcoins on futures trading like Babydoge, Blur, Core, etc. which binance and many other exchanges do not have. Every week, Fairdesk list 5-10 new tokens at future trade side, we follow the trend and keep fresh with market.


📱Easy to using.

Now Fairdesk mainly focus on future trade side, thus our website and moblie app are easy to use, no extra complicate function for future traders. They could total focus on the trade itself.

💻 Arena V2

We have a function to allow user predict a token increase or not, they could invest some fee here to have fun. Some of mainstream token availabe here, such as BTC, ETH, ADA, etc.

It’s a unqiue and fresh function, allow user without pressure to have fun and earn.


🔐 License

We have Canada and US MSB license, and Vasp license in Lithuania, it’s a safe and Fair platform for people to use.